Our objective is to launch a fitness brand to promote a healthy lifestyle. The TriFit brand is futuristic & based on a ‘Hi-Tech & Smart’ fitness concept infused with a “personal touch”. We want to differentiate ourselves from other traditional fitness centers with our brand values and a world class fitness experience, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing for everyone through our fitness centers and virtual fitness app.

“Tri” is an abbreviation for:

RIBE Humans yearn to belong to something tied to a meaningful cause close to their hearts. Being healthy is a core human need.
Our brand provides that wellness platform for the people to bond together and be part of that tribe. As a tribe we become one!
As a tribe we are strong! As a tribe we will help our members unleash their potential.

ESULTS The cornerstone of our business is that we are results driven. People join fitness centres for many reasons but they stick around only if they are either achieving results or hope to achieve results. Helping members achieve their fitness goals is core to our existence.

NNOVATION Our fitness concept will continue to evolve and innovate by leveraging technology in both running our business and serving our members.

Be healthy, physically and mentally!

The Logo: The aim was to create a visual expression under a clear premise: “telling a powerful story”. It is necessary to find a way to express the futuristic concept in a simple, high touch and innovative way, creating a new metaphor.

The Triangle as a symbol represents the Trifacta of MIND, BODY and SOUL. The parallel lines of the Triangle represents our ideology of Man and Woman standing strong, independently yet equally together, upholding the values of TRIFIT, within their own dedicated fitness space.